From bone stock to radical mods, we can help get your late model car/truck/suv running stronger and more efficient! We Specialize in GM LSx/LTx : G8, GTO, 5th/6th Gen Camaro, Corvette, 99 - 02 F Body, and GM Truck tuning.

Our tuning process starts off with a discussion with the owner to explain the process and to learn what modifications, if any, have been made to the vehicle.

Then, before we even start to 'push buttons', we'll take a baseline of the vehicle and see how the current/factory tune is running the show. Based on those findings, what mods are done, and the owner's input, we will begin to design a new ECM / TCM calibration and load it into the vehicle.


Once that new cal is loaded up, we'll run the vehicle again and confirm that the changes are providing the intended results, and make any tweaks as needed. At the same time, we'll also be updating the transmission tune based on the owners input as well, fine tuning the shift points until the desired results are achieved. 

By the time we're done, the vehicle will be more responsive, make more power, and be ready for whatever you throw at it! 

So, at this point, you might be asking, "what really do you change in a typical ECM / TCM tune"? Well, here's a quick rundown:

      • Adjust for larger injectors if needed
      • Correct any errors in the airflow tables
      • Fine tune the timing tables based on fuel type used
      • Adjust air/fuel ratios to eliminate the "pig rich" factory settings
      • Adjust rev limiters and speed limiters 
      • Reduce Torque Management (TM)
      • Reduce power enrichment delays (truck owners will really notice this change)
      • Adjust Transmission Shift Points / Pressures

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