What is a Tune?

A 'tune' is a remapping of the computer programming that controls the Engine and Transmission (ECM / TCM). These changes can allow the vehicle to run properly after major modifications have been made, or on a stock vehicle, a tune will allow the vehicle to run more efficiently and make more power!


I haven't caught the mod bug yet. Will a Tune do anything for a stock vehicle?

Even a totally stock vehicle will see noticeable improvements after just a tune and no other modifications! The factory computer calibrations are typically not setup with performance in mind, and with a few changes to timing, air/fuel ratios, and reduction in torque management, you'll find what you thought was missing all along!
Factory automatic transmission calibrations are also geared towards economy, and TCM tuning will have it shifting the way it should be!


What is torque management?

Torque management (TM) are controls that the factory adds to their calibrations to lower the amount of power produced by the engine/trans. By reducing these controls, the vehicle will respond much quicker, and unleash more power!


Gas prices suck. Do I need to run 93 octane if tuned?Timing Map

If the vehicle was able to run on low octane fuel from the factory, you'll still be able to use it even after the tune. But, with that said, if you decide to make the jump to 93 octane, we'll be able to increase the amount of power the vehicle makes by taking advantage of the better fuel! 


Why get a tune, when I can just by an off the shelf hand held tuner?

A typical hand held tuner is a generic tune that is a one size fits all solution. Two similar cars with the same exact mods will never run exactly the same. Our tune will be matched to YOUR car and YOUR mods and how they react with each other. You'll still be leaving power on the table if you just go with an off the shelf solution made for mass production!


What vehicles do you support?

1999 and up LS/LT engine based cars/trucks/suv's (GEN III, IV, V).


Where are you located?

We are based in the Pittsburgh PA area, just outside Cranberry Twp.


What does it cost?

Contact us for a quote on your specific combo.


How do I setup a tune with you?

Drop us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get back to you asap with the info!    



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