Welcome to Domin8 Tuning, specializing in late model GM ECM tuning based in the Pittsburgh PA area.

Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette, 99-02 F-Body, Pontiac GTO, G8, SS, GM Truck, and any LSx/LTx engine based tuning!

Ever feel like your car/truck/suv is holding back on you?  It is, and we can help unlock the full potential! The factory ECM calibrations are loaded with 'babysitting' controls which either hold back, or delay engine power. Reducing these controls will allow the vehicle to run more efficient and make more power!

If you've started bolt-on modifications, or gone to the next level with internal mods, you are leaving power on the table if you have not also matched the tune to those mods. Even a simple cold air kit can throw off the factory sensors causing the computer to incorrectly calculate air/fuel ratios. 

Thinking about getting a handheld tuner or a mail order tune?  Keep in mind that many of these are 'one size fits all' products, and will not be  matched exactly to your car, and will still leave power in the box Only a custom tune that is based on your car, where you live, will get the best results!

We race what we sell, and offer installation of many brands of performance parts! 

We also utilize one of the best chassis dynos available, a DynoJet 224 xLC, for our calibrations! This tool allows us to strap a vehicle down, and very accurately dial in the fuel and timing maps, just as the vehicle will see in the real world.

Contact us to build / install / calibrate a solution for you! 


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